We welcome volunteers!

We believe that the education of our children is enriched by involvement from parents and volunteers. These contributions are greatly appreciated and valued by the school, staff, parents and children.

Parents & Guardians

If you are parent of a child at AGPS there are so many opportunities to participate in the school program with your child.

  • Kitchen Garden Program
  • sports days
  • excusrions
  • reading in class

are just a few of the activities you can attend with your child.

You may have special skills, interests, hobbies, professions that you can share with the school. Please make contact with us to let us know!

Non-Parent Volunteers

We have regular ‘non-parents’ who help and are valued as part of our school. These wonderful people are retirees, grandparents, locals, tertiary students who have wonderful things to offer our students. On Thursdays they are often seen in our school as part of our ‘Reading Nannas and Grandpas’ and some are involved in our Kitchen-Garden.

Our School Council Policy:

A handbook to assist our volunteers: