In partnership with Altona Meadows Primary School and Laverton College, we have introduced Indonesian into our schools.

This program is being introduced in 2015, beginning with our Preps.

We feel very privileged to be able to be part of a partnership that will allow our schools to have:

  • the ability to plan together,
  • the ability to make use of the resources available across the three schools,
  • the ability to share the funding of a qualified Indonesian teacher,
  • the opportunity to make use of the video-conferencing equipment that all three schools have, as well as
  • the opportunity for all students to come together throughout the year for cultural events.

“Kenalkan – let me introduce myself. My name is Amanda Lee and I will be teaching Indonesian to the Prep students at AGPS. The students will attend a one-hour session of LOTE each week where they will be involved in learning the language and the culture of the Indonesian people. They will be involved in hands on activities as well as participating in conversations to develop their Indonesian language skills. They will make use of technology such as their iPads to practise the language and later in the year will have the opportunity to share their learning with Prep students from Altona Meadows Primary School and Laverton P-12 College through use of the Polycom system.”  Amanda Lee- Indonesian Teacher