Support Programs

Reading Support:

The intervention program at Altona Green Primary School is designed to provide support for the teaching and learning of literacy for students at educational risk. At Altona Green Primary school the implementation is known as the “Tree House” program and is part of our Tier 1 intervention.

The program targets students in Year 1 and Year 2.

On Psych:

On Psych are an external provider of psychologists who specialise in child and adolescent services to children and their families.   This service is provided at no cost to the parent and occurs at school during school hours. Access to this service requires a mental health plan from your local GP.

Program for Students with Disabilities:

This is a targeted supplementary funded program for Victorian Government schools for students with a disability with moderate to severe needs.

Student Support Officers:

We have access to speech pathologists and a psychologist who can assist and support in assessments or program development for students who have additional learning or behavioural needs.

Community Worker:

Our Community Development worker provides support and advice to students or parents in areas such as: bereavement, loss, family breakdown, school refusal, ongoing illness or family stress. The Community worker also provides social skills programs for students both on a 1:1 basis and in groups as required.

Visiting Teachers:

We have access to the Visiting Teacher Service for students who may have a hearing impairment. They provide specialised lessons to support student needs and work closely with the class teacher in developing suitable programs.

Western English Language Centre:

This learning centre provides support for those students newly arrived to the country. This support can be offered by outpost teachers who can assess students and advise classroom teachers in developing programs to meet their English language needs.


Western Autistic School:

We have close links with staff from Western Autistic School who assist in professional development for our staff and guidance in supporting students with Autism. We also liaise with the Network Regional Coach for further support and advice on student needs.