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What is Circle Time and why is it so important to my child?

AGPS follows a Restorative Practice approach to restoring relationships in the wake of conflict.  The role of Circle Time is to develop social and emotional language and build connectedness which assists when restoring relationships.

Circle Time is where students come together in a safe circle to engage in a range of group activities and discussions focussing on a social wellbeing topic. It is a practical way to develop skills of  listening with understanding, tuning into feelings, sharing opinions and beginning to see the world from another’s point of view. These are skills we hope all Altona Green students develop whilst at school and use in their everyday lives.

What are the Bounce Back and  Friendly Schools Plus programs?

At AGPS we use a combination of the Bounce Back and Friendly Schools Plus programs as the basis of whole school social and emotional learning approach.  These programs have been developed to support schools to promote positive mental health and well-being in  students.

The program focuses on classroom strategies and weekly activities that teach students that life is an   unpredictable journey with joys, satisfactions and highlights but also some difficulties, challenges and disappointments.  In meeting life’s challenges, we grow stronger and gain personal coping skills to become more resilient, allowing us to effectively return to a state of wellbeing.

These programs are taught explicitly and regularly as part of our Anti-Bullying strategy and support.Kefar

The program is supported by our commitment  to KEFAR (KINDNESS, ENCOURAGEMENT, FAIRNESS,  ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT) values and  the TRIBES agreements of: mutual respect, attentive listening, appreciations/no put-downs and personal best when working with each other.


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