Kitchen Garden Program

Altona Green PS is committed to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

Students across Grades 3 to 6 regularly spend a minimum of 45 minutes in an extensive vegetable/orchard garden that they have helped design, build and maintain on the school grounds according to organic gardening principles.

They also spend up to 1 ½ hours in the kitchen classroom preparing and sharing a wonderful variety of meals created from their seasonal produce. The school employs two part-time specialist staff, a Garden Specialist and a Kitchen Specialist to run these sessions and the Kitchen and Garden classes work in partnership with each other.

In both the Kitchen and Garden, the students work together in small groups with the assistance of community volunteers. The finished dishes are arranged with pride and care on tables set with flowers from the garden, and the shared meal is a time for students, helpers, teachers and specialists to enjoy each other’s company and conversation