Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing and Engagement at AGPS

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Lilypads, KEFAR tokens At Altona Green, we take pride in the Wellbeing of our students. Our wellbeing programs of School Wide Positive Behaviour and Respectful relationships enhance our KEFAR values which are kindness, encouragement, fairness, acceptance and respect.


Supporting Positive Behaviours

KEFAR tokens & Lilypads, Respectful Relationships

Lunchtime Clubs

Lunchtime clubs are offered every day at lunchtime, it is an alternative to playing outside and children are all welcome. They change each term. Some clubs that are offered are: • Lego club • Drawing club • Games club • Chess club • Craft club • Play club

Student Support Services

SSG, ILP, Psych, Speech We offer a range of services which include: • SMC Speech Pathologists • Healing Minds – Psychology services • Social groups


Chill Zone

The Chill Zone is a sensory room in the school that children can go for a short amount of time when they are overwhelmed and anxious and need to calm down. It contains passive activities that they are able to engage that will help settle them.

Contact Info

240 Victoria St Altona Meadows, Vic 3028

03 9360 0777

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm