Inquiry at AGPS

At Altona Green Primary School, we offer a comprehensive curriculum covering all of the learning areas and capabilities of the Victorian Curriculum.

Our Inquiry based units provide students with rich and stimulating learning experiences, so that students develop the skills, knowledge, capabilities to become curious, collaborative learners, who think critically and creatively to solve problems and apply their understanding to real-life challenges.

We aim to promote intellectual, social and emotional development, whilst empowering students to take an active role in their learning; by taking on personal responsibility and ownership of their learning.

Our Inquiry units are aligned with four key concepts:

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Identity & Community

Who are we?

Knowing and understanding ourselves as individuals and as members of groups. Understanding behaviours that promote positive and productive relationships, whilst embedding our KEFAR values.

VIC Curriculum: Personal and Social Capability / Health / Civics and Citizenship (3-6)

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Where are we in place and time?

Knowing about and understanding our individual and collective histories, and the impact these have on our lives today. Understanding that history is created every day.

VIC Curriculum: History / Geography / Intercultural Capability Cross Curriculum Priorities: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

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Our Earth

Sharing the Planet

Knowing and understanding that our planet sustains life and is made up of finite resources and that our individual and collective choices impact on the planet.

VIC Curriculum: Geography / Science: Biology / Science: Earth & Space Cross Curriculum Priorities: Sustainability

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Going Global

How the world works

Knowing and understanding that Altona Meadows is one place that forms part of a larger world, and that locations are unique to their people and cultures.

VIC Curriculum: Civics & Citizenship (3-6) / Geography / Economics & Business (5/6) / Intercultural Capability Cross Curriculum Priorities: Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

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