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Physical Education

Altona Green Primary School provides a high quality Physical Education program for every child. It is designed to prepare students for a healthy and active lifestyle through the development of skills, knowledge, teamwork and positive attitudes. Our comprehensive program provides children with a wide range of physical and sporting experiences focusing on the sequential development of fundamental motor and locomotion skills, gymnastics, athletics, fitness and sport education.

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At Altona Green Primary School Italian is taught from Grade Prep to Grade 6. The children are taught the language and culture through fun and engaging activities and are encouraged to use simple Italian phrases at home and at school.

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At Altona Green Primary School STEM immerses students in an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths. These are all areas of learning that our students need to succeed and adapt to our changing world and be comfortable with to excel in the future. Through STEM, students work collaboratively and participate in hands-on challenges and activities which develop key skills including; problem solving, creativity, critical and independent thinking, teamwork, initiative, communication and digital literacy. Our extensive STEM curriculum provides our students with the foundation to succeed at school and beyond.

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Visual Art

Over six months of the academic year all students participate for an hour each week in the Visual Art Program. The students are provided with sequential skills that take into account their physical, emotional and artistic growth, beginning with basic art skills and moving to more challenging ones. Students are exposed to the following areas in a two-year cycle: drawing, collage, painting, threads and textiles, printmaking, construction and modelling.

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